Stylish Solution to Semi-Permanent Office Building Requirements

Client: TBS Systems Limited

Location: Belper, Derbyshire

TBS Systems, a rapidly expanding computer software company was running out of room. With no possibility of extending their existing premises and not wishing to commit to the upheaval of a complete relocation, TBS Systems considered temporary offices, positioned to maintain a close relationship with the main building. Director, Jon Poynton did not want a 'Portakabin' type of building - he was looking for a low energy unit which would be an effective work space and reflect the firm's high-tec products and culture.

Jon knew of timber building specialists Pinelog and plans were drawn up and temporary planning permission was soon granted for a building to be located in an area at the rear of their existing premises, on the proviso that it could be relocated at some stage in the future.

The Pinelog design is based upon four relocatable sections each measuring 9.45m x 3.8m. These were craned into position onto simple concrete pier foundations on site, then bolted together. Laminated edge beams provide structural support to the walls which were constructed on a timber frame basis with internal and external log cladding. 17 m long x 9.45 m wide, the new Pinelog building houses: an open plan reception/lobby area, two directors offices, a general office, meeting room, a small kitchen and toilets.

The actual build time was just five weeks - four weeks manufacturing the unit at Pinelog's Bakewell factory and one week actually on site. This minimised site disruption and allowed TBS Systems to move in quickly.

Jon Poynton is unreservedly enthusiastic about the new building. "With the help of Pinelog we have created attractive and much needed additional offices quickly and with minimum fuss. Both staff and visitor reaction has been very favourable; our decision to install the Pinelog building has been completely justified."

This innovative approach to a semipermanent or relocatable building requirement will find favour in situations where an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally acceptable building is required.

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