commercial pools - FAQ

What size of pool will I need?

This will depend on the number of people you wish to cater for and the type of use they will be putting it to (lane swimming or wallowing).  As a general rule in a multi-purpose pool, 3sq m of water area should be allowed per person. Offering alternative facilities such as a gymnasium or beauty suite can help spread customer loadings.  There are also national safety guidelines on the maximum number of people allowed in the pool at one time.

How much does an indoor swimming pool cost to build?

Obviously this depends on the size and facilities you want to offer.  However as a guide, if you were to measure the overall footprint of the building, the total building cost can range from £2,400 + VAT/sq.m for a small 125sq.m hydrotherapy pool down to £1,700 + VAT/sq.m for a 1,000sq.m leisure centre.  The type of facilities in the building and the number of internal rooms greatly influences the total build cost.  We have some 'standard' designs with prices against them to give you an idea of what to budget. Please contact us for a copy.




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