garden buildings - FAQ

Is the wood treated?

All external timbers are pressure-treated for a trouble free life. The cills of log chalets are made of Tanalised timber to protect against rotting. Timber is cut to length before being treated in our pressure treatment tank.

Is a timber floor included?

The log chalets are normally installed straight onto a concrete base, but a timber floor, either tongue and grooved softwood or ply, is available as an optional extra should one be required.

What guarantees are provided?

Log chalets are covered for 10 years, providing they are cared for according to our recommended maintenance procedure.

Is a special base necessary?

A high quality garden building is a significant investment, so we recommend that buildings are erected on a proper concrete base of an exact size to suit the building. After ordering, we will supply a specification for the base for the correct size base for your building.


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