about hydrotherapy pools

Our swimming pool buildings are also suitable for hydrotherapy pools and are pleasant, safe and inviting in appearance. Pinelog’s expertise in designing and constructing indoor pools together with the aesthetically pleasing use of our structural glulam timber beams and other materials ensures that our pool buildings look attractive and perform well.  Pinelog's construction materials provide some of the best acoustic performance too, which is another important design consideration.

Hydrotherapy pools are warm water pools usually used by physiotherapists while treating patients who may have physical problems or special needs. Pinelog's pool buildings are suitable for private individuals, special needs schools, hospitals, private practitioners and disabled groups.  The design of the hydrotherapy pool requires an assessment of the user’s special needs to ensure that it provides appropriate therapeutic benefits.

The size of the pools can vary from a small hydrotherapy pool of 6m x 4m up to much larger ones; the minimum space required for each patient is 2.5m x 2.25m, so for example a 5m x 9m hydrotherapy pool would accommodate up to eight patients. In some cases high pressure jets in the pool provide a resistance to swimming or to have a massage effect. The hydrotherapy pool can also be transformed into a full sensory environment with use of specialist lighting, sound system and fun floats.

The building will need to have a specially designed heating and ventilation system (environmental control) which will keep the air temperature to the desired level, provide ventilation and control the humidity.  Facilities within the hydrotherapy building can include spacious changing areas, showers and toilets including accessible shower/s, wc/s, and wash down beds, with the number and layout being determined by the specific number of users. Separate facilities for physiotherapy staff are also generally built in. 

Your Pinelog hydrotherapy pool building will be designed and tailored to meet your individual requirements. We also look after all aspects of the initial design and planning permission, with our experienced RIBA/Chartered Architect and design team ensuring the design stage progresses smoothly. We work with numerous nationwide pool installers who can install your pool into our building.

Contact us to arrange for an initial consultation with our Chartered Architect/Company Director.

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