hydrotherapy pools - FAQ

Would a hydrotherapy pool be suitable for our own garden? 

Many of our clients' pools are set in the grounds of their own house, either attached to the main dwelling or free standing further down the garden.  This is an ideal and convenient way of providing therapeutic treatment to those with special needs on a regular and frequent basis.

What temperature should a hydrotherapy pool be run at?

The acceptable temperature range of the hydrotherapy pool will generally be between 32–37 degrees Celsius and there will be the facility to gradually adjust the pool temperature if different target groups are to use the pool. Because of the special vulnerabilities of users, the pool water and airspace demand the same careful attention. As a result of the high pool temperature the plant and equipment will be sized to give a minimum water turnover of one hour (subject to design specification) and the water will be treated by an automatic purification treatment system.

How deep should a hydrotherapy pool be?

The hydrotherapy pool may be partially raised, in ground with freeboard, or deck level, according to requirements. No single pool depth can meet the needs of all users and this will be determined by the use required.  In general hydrotherapy pools will have a water depth between 1-1.2m, however in some cases a 1.5m water depth has been specified. The pool floor may be flat bottomed or have a very gradual change in water depth.

Are there any special arrangements for getting into the pool?

Some users will be in wheelchairs and will require a hoist to enter the pool. This may be an overhead electric hoist, stretcher type, seat type or a combination of both, either fixed or removable. Whatever the requirements these will be included in the design. If a ramp is required to enter the pool the maximum gradient must be 1:15 with consideration given to a non-slip floor surface and weight of the patient in a transfer chair.  Pool entry steps should be located outside the therapy working area and all handrails used will be 316 grade stainless steel. 

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