April 09

Garden Building Sale, with further 7.5% discount

In an effort to give customers even better value from our garden buildings, prices have been pegged at 2008 levels.  A discount of 2.13% has been applied to this to allow for the temporary lower VAT rate of 15%.  In addition, we are now offering a further 7.5% discount as a spring offer.  Can there ever be a better time to invest in a high quality timber building for your enjoyment in your garden?

March 09

Indoor Pools Open Days 27th and 28th March

Take the first steps to creating your own indoor swimming pool at home and a healthier way of life by coming along to our open days on Friday 27th or Saturday 28th March.  We will be open from 10am to 4pm.  Click on the 'swimming pools' page for further information. 

February 09

Fantastic offer on swimming pool package

Save £17,000 on a stunning indoor swimming pool package, including a 12m x 6m building with 9m x 3.6m inground swimming pool.  All from £134,550 including VAT. See 'Swimming Pools' page to download full details. 

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