residential swimming pools - FAQ

What does the price for an indoor pool package include?

The price is fully inclusive of foundations, pool building, swimming pool and equipment, dehumidification, lighting, heating and flooring.  Pinelog take complete responsibility for the installation, from the initial site survey through to the final commissioning on completion.

How long do Pinelog indoor pool buildings last?

Indefinitely - with the pressure treatment we use, Pinelog buildings should last a lifetime... as thousands of log cabins and timber construction buildings in Scandinavia have.  For complete peace of mind we also provide a ten year guarantee against faulty materials and structural defects.

Can a Pinelog swimming pool building have the same external appearance as the house and can it be attached?

In addition to our log buildings, Pinelog design and build fully insulated traditional pool halls with external finishes in stone, brick, or render etc.  These can be either freestanding or linked onto existing dwellings.  Examples of these are shown on this website and in the downloadable brochure.

Can a residential pool buildings be any size?

You will see that the indoor pool collection includes a wide range of attractive buildings with different finishes and sizes. However, as buildings are manufactured in our factory in Derbyshire, we can offer greater flexibility and can build a variety of styles and sizes.  Additional doors, roof glazing, styles of windows, extensions for saunas, spas etc are all catered for and designed into the building in our architects' department.  This is a service which our customers expect and one we are pleased to be able to provide.

What are the average running costs and is the pool easy to maintain?

The swimming pool can be heated by either gas, oil or electricity.  As a guide a 9m x 3.6m indoor swimming pool, run on gas or Economy 7 electricity, would cost in the region of £2000 per annum to run.  This is assuming the pool is used every day of the year and the pool cover is replaced when the swimming pool is not in use.  Additional features such as saunas, steam rooms, showers and spas would increase the running costs.

Are the pools easy to maintain?

Modern pool equipment is user friendly and our clients tell us that on average they spend about half an hour to an hour each week cleaning the pool, checking the chemical levels and the filtration system.

Does an indoor swimming pool always need Planning Permission?

In general the answer is ‘no’ as long as the building is freestanding.  As from 1st October 2008 outbuildings will be considered to be Permitted Development and not need planning permission, subject to certain limits and conditions.  For further information please follow this link.

When a site survey is carried out, we can usually determine whether Permitted Development will apply or whether a planning application is required.  If planning permission is necessary we can take care of the application on your behalf.

Do Pinelog carry out installations in my area?

We install indoor swimming pools throughout the UK and Ireland.  Please see our links page for more information.

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