Beaufort Primary School Swimming Pool

The school wishes to build a 25m pool for school and community use and Pinelog were selected through a competitive process given their track record with similar projects and for the way they understood and delivered against the brief. The proposed timber framed structure both functionally and aesthetically suits the schools needs very well. Roger has led the school through the process of refining its need, bringing operational as well as building design expertise to the table, and has also led in the discussions with the planning authority helping us to negotiate and respond to objections raised by our neighbours. Planning approval has been granted and the assigned planning officer has been very positive about the design.

Robert Rattee, Governor with Lead Responsibility for the Swimming Pool Project

Office building for Bakewell Agricultural Society Ltd

I approached Pinelog and asked for a design. The result was a magnificent timber framed two-storey building, clad in limestone from a local quarry. The timber beams and internal timber cladding take this building out of the ordinary and I feel privileged to work in this unique, beautiful building. When the modern design was finally seen by the Peak Park Planning Committee, they unanimously voted to approve it.

Many people have admired it and rightly so.

Janet Bailey, Showground Manager

Princess River Cruises office and reception building.

This project was particularly challenging because the site was deemed to be on Greenbelt land. Consequently, the design and appearance of the building had to meet some critical criteria.

Roger Langham was instrumental in guiding the project through a stringent planning process and responsible for designing a building utilising a timber frame via laminated timber beams to enhance environmental sustainability which suited the location and situation admirably.

Nottingham City Council were extremely pleased and complimentary with the end result as were we and to date we have had nothing but positive feedback from our clients.

Ian MacPherson, Director