hydrotherapy pools testimonials

Here are just a few comments from our customers:

"We are delighted with the new pool which is also available for use out of school hours by children with autism and their families, many of whom do not take their children swimming because of the stresses associated with the experience.  This facility therefore also offers a rare opportunity for family-wide leisure activity away from home."
Mr K Medcraft, Wessex Autistic Society's Facilities and Procurement Manager

"A swimming pool at this school is as important as a classroom.  Swimming gives an enormous boost in self-confidence and is sometimes the only chance pupils have to get out of a wheelchair and undertake physical activity.  This wonderful pool means that all our children have the chance to learn to swim and have hydrotherapy classes to meet their needs."
Mr M Meaton, Head Teacher, Ashgate Croft School

"We wanted a pool that would serve a dual purpose - something all the family could enjoy but one with all the facilities and option of the higher water temperature I need for my hydrotherapy.  The design and build solution offered by Pinelog was perfect.  They understood our needs and how to fulfil them.  Throughout the build they were excellent.  The family love the pool and even if I were not disabled it would still be a fantastic facility."
Mr T Anderson, Tyne and Wear

"Hydrotherapy is of great benefit to our boys who have motor neuron disease.  As their wheelchairs cannot easily get round their friends' houses they rarely visit, creating isolation.  The pool attracts other people's children to our house, countering this.  Thank you Pinelog for a job well done."
Dr Lynch, Lincoln

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